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How much will life insurance cost me?

As a senior, the first question likely on your mind when it comes to life insurance is "how much does it cost and can I afford it?". 

We get it.  Price matters and can certainly dictate whether or not you can afford to purchase life insurance, even when you really need it.

Here's the GREAT news: 

NO CHARGE to apply for coverage

   NO MEDICAL EXAM is required 

                                                                               POLICY CANNOT BE CANCELED as long a premiums are paid  

                                            RATES WILL NEVER INCREASE

As you might imagine though, the problem with answering the question of cost in it's entirety depends on several factors; so it can be difficult to give a direct answer to that question here.  Things such as age, sex, health condition, tobacco use & how much insurance you want all play a factor in determining the cost.

But we will do our best to give you a good idea of what the cost might be with a highly rated company. 

So what we will do is show you the approximate cost for a female. For male applicants, your cost will be slightly higher.

Here are some sample quotes for a female/non-tobacco user/good health living in Florida *:


Age 50-$14.60/month

Age 60-$19.28/month

Age 70-$28.28/month


Age 50-$26.05/month

Age 60-$35.41/month

Age 70-$53.42/month


Age 50-$37.50/month

Age 60-$51.54/month

Age 70-$78.55/month

What if you have diabetes, cancer, heart attack, stroke or any other medical issues?  We have coverage for you as well.  

*Quotes are with Foresters Plan Right whole life insurance plan.  Answers to medical questions on the application are required to determine eligibility for coverage.  This is a simplified issue plan and coverage is not guaranteed. Application #770559 FL 02/12

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Quotes are an estimate of what a plan could cost you.  Final premiums will be determined after application is completed and all underwriting requirements are met.